Captain Samuel Corbin


His name, really Coburn, has been misread (or miswritten) as Corbin, in particular from the muster roll of his Militia company. It has also been wrongly given as Cobrin and Cobrun.

His father was Pennsylvania Indian trader James Coburn (the appraisal of whose estate was recorded in Augusta county, VA on 19 April 1749). Samuel Coburn owed money to James Coburn at the latter's death.

Captain Samuel Corbin appears as commander of a Militia company raised west of the Catawba River. The undated muster roll naming the members of this company has commonly been supposed to relate to the Spanish attack on Brunswick in 1748, but appears to have been filed under the wrong year as most members of the company did not arrive in Carolina until the early 1750s. The company was most likely raised in 1754 for protection of local frontier settlers at the beginning of the French & Indian War. This is when a fort was built on the Point at the junction of the Catawba and South Fork Rivers because of fear of attack on the settlers by the Cherokee. They and the fort were never attacked.

At a Governor's Council meeting, on 7 October 1749 in New Bern, Samuel Coburn received a grant of 800 acres in Anson county. At this meeting nine other men received grants in Anson county, all but one of which (John Clark 1000 acres) were smaller than 800 acres: these included George Cathey, John Cathey and John Cathey Jr (each 400 acres).

On 29 September 1750 Samuel Corbin supposedly received a grant in Anson county (in that part of it which is present-day Gaston county): I have not been able to document this.

15 September 1758 Samuel Coburn and Margaret his wife to John Richmond for 12 pounds 200 acres south of Catawba, adj. lower end of where Samuel Coburn lives; granted to him August 30, 1753.

Margaret's maiden name was Cathey: she is named (under her married name) in her father James Cathey's will of 5 December 1756. George & John Cathey were her brothers.

11 September 1773 Samuel Coburn of Tryon County, to George Lamkin of same, for 15 prov. money ... 165 acres on west side of Catawba River adj. Saml Mccombs, Jno. Richmond, granted for Saml Coburn 26 October 1767. Samuel Coburn, Wit: Uel Lamkin, Joseph Masey, James Coburn. Recorded July term 1774.
Tryon county had been created in 1768 out of Mecklenburg county, which had been created out of Anson county.
James Coburn was Samuel Coburn's son.

In 1775 the Coburn family left Anson County, joining Daniel Boone on his expedition to Boonesborough.