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Symon Corbin, grandfather of Francis Corbin23 June 1691PRO Prob/11/408 Image Reference 49
XFrancis Corbin, father of Francis Corbin1710/11
XJean Corbin, widow of Francis Corbin1710/11
XColonel James Innes, first husband of Jean Corbin1710/11
XEdmund Corbin, heir of Francis Corbin1710/11
XJohn Norman, step-father of Edmund Corbin1710/11
XJohn Stone, maternal grandfather of Edmund Corbin1710/11
Documents to do with Francis Corbin
XRequest for Warrant to intercept Francis Corbin's mail1744
XWarrant to intercept Francis Corbin's mail1744
XInstructions from Earl Granville to Francis Corbin1744
XSale of Francis Corbin's estate1767
XInventory of Jean Corbin's estate1775
Other Documents
XTin farmers request a convoy for Angell Corbyn's vessel15 February 1664/65